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Why you should stop posting about the relationship on a social media

Why you should stop posting about the relationship on a social media

I’m the person who doesn’t like when someone on Instagram shares their partner pic on their Instagram stories I easily get offended by that. Once I said to a guy Why are you sharing your girlfriend pic on Instagram story why not keep it private from others he replied “She feels happy whenever I share her pic” it is the matter of choice.
I believe you are making yourself vulnerable when you are posting your partner pic on social media because breakups are inevitable in few circumstances. These are five reasons why the happy couple doesn’t post on social media about their relationship.

Happy couple together
Happy couples

1. You don’t feel secure

• People feel insecure in their relationship they try to post as many pics as a possible researcher, from the University of Manchester have conducted research on 300 students have found most couples feel insecure about their relationship mostly they post about their relationship on social media.

2. You don’t need social media to express yourself

• The couple tends to realize that posting their picture does not make their bond strong that’s not a mandatory thing when you are in a relationship.
• Some words, feelings and moment are better to keep private from others because posting on social media is not going to increase your love for another person.

3. There is no need to prove yourself

The question is simple what do you want to prove? To whom? People want to feel good about themselves and want to show the world how much they are happy in this relationship and how lucky they are.
• You don’t necessarily need anyone from your social media that you are doing great because no one cares.
• Society is shaped in such a way when we were kids we are brought up in a way that we have to meet the expectation of parents. Our parents are so desperate to prove themselves right at all cost.

4.Time Consuming

• Happy couple doesn’t use social media for the conversation it is time-consuming to post continuously on social media.
• They are giving each other proper time they don’t feel the need for social media to post about their life.

5.Long-term Relationship

When it comes to long-term relationship people who don’t share their personal life with everyone enjoys a healthy life with their partner why? They save themselves from the opinion of other its not possible for other people to put themselves in your shoes and think about your problems.


I cannot say that I’m a huge fan of social media posting but it all boils down to personal preferences and willingness of both people. I can tell you from my experience it is not a wise idea to post rigorously on social media it is not news channel or people are waiting for the news what is going in a relationship.

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