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Why people color their Hair

Why people color their Hair:

Changing the color of hair has become a trend nowadays. However, as they are changing the dyes; some of you may think why do they do so? Some people believe that the color is for their luck. Others may feel something missing or incomplete in them when they look into the mirror every day, They want some change in themselves that’s why they make some tattoos and color their hair. They want to look different from others. Let’s dig out the reasons
People change hair colour to match their personality. Eg people working in musical fields may change their color quite often to show glamour. Most of them even change color 3 or 4 times a year.
Some people match their hair color with the color of their eye lenses because they think it as a cool idea to match both.

Psychological reasons:

>When You like some color much more, You want that color to be a part of your every day, like many girls go for Pink color
>To feel Refreshment because they are used to see that same color every day and then get bored of that.
>Some people have a bad incident/experience in the past, so they change their complete personality to look different and to be healed.
>Some people Idealize their superheroes in Movies. They may also want to look like their favourite celebrity.
>Some people want attraction of others, they want social interaction so they change the color of their Hair.
Most people change the color in summer.

How Do they maintain their dyes:

The main part after dying Hair is How to maintain their Hair color. In European states, people wasted 2.2 billion dollars till last 2017 to retain their dyes.

>Using color protecting shampoos and conditioners.
>Using sulphate free shampoos that help to maintain color on Hair.
>Avoiding chlorine because this it can remove the hair color.
>Avoiding Dusting work
>Getting deep conditioning treatment to smoothen and using Hair fall solutions.

Disadvantages of dyed Hair:

As in the present era, more and more people are getting their hair dyed, the graphs are rising. However, not every glitter is gold. According to medical science, some of the basic disadvantages are
>They may completely damage our natural Hair proteins.
>Causing allergic reactions.
>Damage to the skin.
>Total change in the chemistry of hair.
>Damage to the Hair Follicles.

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