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Why motivation is necessary

Why motivation is necessary


Motivation is like a sun ray coming directly from far sun touching a paper thin skin of leaves bringing freshness to the plant. Motivation is like a blood pumping through the blood vessel it brings unseen happiness in our faces. Most humans thinking process work in such a way it remains sceptical of the danger they try to analyze things more deeply in this process they often judge people their biases and past experience plays the catalyst role. Most of the time they see the negative side of the situation they don’t appreciate things. People believe what other says let’s suppose if there is a handsome man who is sitting in a room and everyone started to say you are looking awful no matter how strong that person was mentally but that notion of others pull the trigger to disbelief his own belief about himself.

Research on Motivation

There was an unethical research which was conducted by a scientist early in 19 the century where he took 50 children categorize them into two group of  25 each, First group children were appreciated for their efforts and praise them for what they are doing and the second group of children was criticized for their action they were kept in  the hostile conditions when both group children grew up. The group of children who were appreciated developed into a successful person and the second group of people shows negative characteristics with psychological issues and formed a negative personality.

Why passion is important

There are more than 7 billion people out there in this world men average lifespan is 3 billion second average age of 65 years. There are an infinite amount of opportunities waiting for us to be known once I said to my friend  I don’t know what my interest is he gave a beautiful piece of advice which says best way to find your passion is to try many things that are the best way to find your interest I did it and now I am thankful to him. When a person discovers its passion he gave every minute to full fill his dreams he does not care what other people say he became so good at it. It’s just like a first love where you always live in a delusion you are right about other person and everyone who is warning about you other people doesn’t have a knowledge.




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