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Why dress well men 5 steps

Why dress well men 5 steps

First step

The first step is to take shower and clean your body with moisturizer after that cleans your body with a towel and apply body spray of Denim.


Second Step

Chose the perfect color combination dress for yourself let suppose if you are choosing white color shirt if is better to wear blue and black color pants for yourself.


Third Step

If you are going to a business meeting it is appropriate to choose a formal dress for yourself because you will look decent and more presentable to the clients.

Jen’s are for the people who are young most of the people do outdoor stuff they don’t care about dressing I use to wear rip jeans a lot at that time I thought it was a cool fashion I look so different but later in my life I realize nothing beats simplicity.

If you wear a formal dress you go and meet a stranger they will automatically give you more importance you will be shocked by the results. You will feel more confident about yourself.


Fourth Step

Visit the tailor for the fitting of the suits it will give you an edge over your companions.

The most important thing you have to remember clothes require good physics to suites you if you have a large belly you would look awful in a good dress.

The way you appear in front of others is completely in your hands and you can determine the way your body looks in a dress.


Fifth Step

Always put a smile on to your face you will look more approachable and it will calm down your nerves. Abstain yourself from isolated people.

Pay paramount importance to your body language most of the conversation is nonverbal you have to pay attention to them.

Be the first one to start a conversation and do not be vindictive


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