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Why communication skill is important

Why communication skill is important

Communication has paramount importance when it comes to dealing with another human. Leaders are the most effective communicator they convey a vision to their audience. Communication is a skill which can be learned through practice.


“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” —James Humes


Being proactive in communication allows you to communicate with people first and you expect a response from them as a result and you open new doors for yourself.


If you are in a gathering of a random stranger be the first one to communicate with them if requires and you will form a distinctive image of yourself. It will show how confident you are talking to new people.




Communication is not about throwing random words at stranger it is about how you make sense for other people tends to look for a meaning in things.


It is essential to know human tongue is a beast who masters his tongue masters himself and otherwise it will make you a raving lunatic have you an insane person he has no control over his tongue everyone takes him as a joke in the same way some people are mild crazy don’t fall in that category.


Any problem within a relationship begins with a poor communication it is the core of all the heartache face by a person. Good communication is an essence of a healthy relationship in life.


Wise people know when to speak when to stay quiet it distinguishes them from unsuccessful people if you are a good communicator you can control masses in politics.


Salespeople are good communicator they sale a large amount of product make there lives awesome they master one of the most essential skills in their life how to communicate effectively.


Listening is very important to avoid the common mistakes when you are listening to someone that you already know what other person is going to say.




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