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Who Will Win the Champions League Final 2018 [Liverpool VS Real Madrid]

Who Will Win the Champions League Final 2018 [Liverpool VS Real Madrid]

No one expected Liverpool to even qualify for Champions League final they face one of the best English premier league team city and beat them twice in Quarterfinal stage no one expects this from Liverpool side.
Jürgen Klopp sides were always known for their attractive attacking playing style English side are very physical but Liverpool is excellent attacking side as well. Main threat Liverpool will cause to Real Madrid in 2018 final.

Why I think why Liverpool is a better team than Real Madrid
 Roberto Firmino is a better striker than Karim Benzema whose pace and link-up play cannot match to Liverpool striker.
 Mohammad Salah is the most prolific winger at the moment he has already won the PFA player of the year award. He is quite young no one expected this kind of season from him.
 English side is not like Italian side they have very compact and organize defensive line up.
 Liverpool midfield is strong they are determined to win Champions League final. Real Madrid has aging squad their best player Ronaldo who is 32 years old he is still quick but he cannot match the pace of Mohammad Salah.
 Liverpool has already beaten sides like Bayern Munich and Barcelona in warm-up matches.
 Van dijk is better defender than aging Ramos.

Football Match
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Match Tactics
This game is going to be one of the most intense of the season mail tactic that Real Madrid is going to use is to defend and attack Liverpool on break but these tactics are not going to work for them when they played against Manchester United a few months ago they used the same tactics but Liverpool has the last laugh on that occasion they did not commit more body forward on that match the result ended in draw.
Liverpool does not require too many chances they can attack you they can counter attack you with the immense pace of Sadio Mane, Salah and Firmino they are usually very clinical with their chances.

Match Results
Liverpool will beat Real Madrid by 4-2 they will stun Real Madrid they will make the history by winning the Champions League Final 2018 with their attacking play they are a very unpredictable team with great team players with more energy and pace. There are some issues with Liverpool defense but the attack is the best form of defense in the modern game.
I am following football when I was 9 years old my favorite team was Real Madrid by that time what I can say about myself that I am not a Liverpool fan in Manchester United fan but on the basis of experience I can say Liverpool will win the Champions League Final.

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