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What problem would you like to solve, and how could Computer Science subject help you achieve this?

An example Essayon computer science

Computer science is the one subject that evolves every single day.
Since most of the important aspect of this world have been digitalized, almost everything and anything can now be achieved through studying computer science more practically.
The use of Ai, Blockchain and Augmented Reality has proven that world can be made into a better place by using these technologies for achieving better goals.
Blockchain is one of the biggest examples when it comes to solving problem using computer sciences.
This technology introduced a decentralized currency to the world, one that can be operated, received and sent at anytime, anywhere in the world with maximum protection and transparency.
The best thing about being a computer science professional is that one can develop a program and immediately find the result, whether it works or not. And in case it doesn’t work, one can go ahead and develop another algorithm to make it work.
When asked what problem I would like to solve using computer science? My immediate answer will be to provide solutions regarding the things that actually matter to the real people, coming up with solutions that could minimize the mass destruction that happens whenever a natural calamity occurs.
We all remember the destruction caused by Katrina hurricane so many years ago. We also remember thousands of lives that got lost when tsunami hit Indonesia and Japan. Billions of dollars of damage occurred when all of these storms hit the countries and that was mainly because there were no accurate flood maps and even if they were, they weren’t update enough to provide details regarding the maximum rise of the sea level.
Even though many researcher have been working on this issue using the widely known software ArcGis to get results regarding the rising levels of sea at times of flood or tsunami. But the software is extremely slow and doesn’t provide accurate results.
A lot of people have made efforst to improve the results of this software but all in vain.
However, I want to develop a standalone module that has zero to no link with ArcGis and will be able to determine the rise of sea level accurately. The algorithm will not only let us know how much rise will be observed in the sea but it will also allow us to know about the areas that will get affected by it.
It is an interesting computer science problem and we are sure it will have a a lot of impact on the lives of the people and the economy of the country itself. All I need to do is implement a different and much faster algorithm that will be able to provide this information on high resolution data.
Ultimately, my goal will be to detect various scenarios of sea level along the coasts of affected or for the areas that might get affected. This will not only solve economic problems but we will also be able to detect the areas beforehand that will be affected with the flood or tsunami beforehand.
This will help the governments take precautionary measures beforehand.

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