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What is self esteem?

Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. It is a belief in one’s self. The one with low self-esteem can bring a lot of problems to his life. These people make bad choices, make themselves feel inferior after every little defeat. They just ruin the lives of themselves and their belongings.


Now coming to more self-esteem. The people with more than normal self-esteem are likely to possess a Narcissistic behaviour. They love themselves to such a high degree that rest of world to them is just of no worth and if they think some part of the world, some bits of emotions are worthy, it is when they believe that they will get benefit from those bits.

They know what’s good and what’s not but when it comes to wrongdoing by themselves, they tend to ignore the reality and just believe they can do anything. Have you seen such people?

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So, coming back to the topic, we were talking about self-esteem. In simplest words

It’s How you have made an image of yourself in your mind or in more simple words it is How you think about yourself and things happening to you.

American psychologist Abraham Maslow included self-esteem in his hierarchy of human needs. He described two different forms of “esteem”: the need for respect from others in the form of recognition, success, and admiration, and the need for self-respect in the form of self-love, self-confidence, skill, or aptitude.

At this point, you may be confused that what actually is being normal. Normal lies just at a line between these two extremes. Normal is a realistic view of yourself that you know yourself and you admit yourself, in any case, you take responsibility for all the things happening to you instead of indulging in a blame game. You may get betrayed, you may get broken, you may find a difficult path, you may find darkness but you must not give up shining. It is just the normal level of self-esteem. This may not be the exact bookish definition but this may be the easiest to understand.



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