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Top 5 useful Android Applications 2018

In this article, we will focus on applications that are very useful for the users, We will be mainly focusing on Android Applications. I hope You’ll love this collection. You can search them all on play store and get benefits.


Universal copy

The first app in our list is universal copy. This app will let you copy text from almost any application. For this, you need to just open the application, and give the accessibility. After giving the accessibility to the application, you will get a 24X7 notification of this app in the notification shade. To copy the text, tap on the notification, then tap on the text and copy it. You can also edit before copying the text.

PC Geek:

The second app in our list is PC Geek. This app will let you create your own custom PC build. You can get the benchmark score of all the parts individually. It has a very simple and clean user interface. It has 6 components to choose from. e. CPU, GPU, Motherboard, 2 HDD Storage drives and RAM. Each component has various parts and the price of that part is written along with it in Indian currency. You can convert the Indian currency to your home currency using online converters. After filling up all the information. Total price of your virtual PC is shown at the bottom right corner of the app. Also, the individual scores of the components are also shown. So, this app is very useful for those who are going to buy a PC in near future.


The 3rd app on our list is ORBIA. It is a game which is suitable for every age group. In this game you need to just pass from one circle to another. Each circle is surrounded by a group of monsters and there is a small gap between them. You need to timely tap on the screen to pass through the gap to reach the circle. As you move upwards, difficulty level increases. The animation and sound effects of this game are very attractive. and you will never get bored playing this game.

Text Scanner

The 4th app on my list is Text Scanner. You need to simply open the app and click the picture of the text and it will scan the text and show you the result. But this app needs an active internet connection. This app is 85% accurate but it is very useful.

Smart Kit

So, the last app on our list is Smart Kit. This is one of the best app available in the market. It is loaded with a bunch of useful tools. This app almost uses all the phone sensors. The UI is very simple. There are various settings which you can change.


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