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Top 5 Serial Killer Movies to watch | Best ever | Highly Rated

Top 5 Serial Killer Movies to watch | Best ever | Highly Rated

serial killer movies
serial killer movies


Seven is the best classic movie made about serial killer this movie has Brad Pitt playing the starring role along with Morgan Freeman it makes the movie more interesting. This movie has one of the best endings you ever see in a movie. This movie is so intense once you started to watch a movie you would stick with the device on which you are watching the movie.



2.No Country for the old man

This movie is selected as the best picture of 2007 this is based upon the novel.  The actor found money in cartel deal his greediness found him in a center stage of a hunter. In this movie, Javier Bardem role was very close to an actual psychopath. He won the academic award for the best supporting actor in the movie.


3.The Silence of Lamb

Anthony Hopkin plays the role of a psychiatrist who helps the new interne in catching the psychopath. This movie is good to watch but this movie is not that intense it’s a classic movie.



It is one of the most like movies of 2013 this movie shows how far you can go in order to protect your family.  This is a thriller movie when two children were mysteriously abducted in the movie. Police started the investigation but they are not finding the clue what’s happening girls father took the matter into his hand.



In San Francisco series of murder were committed in the 1970’s in dark night DIA agents along with police tried to capture the suspect. The cat and mouse game starts with a couple of intense scenes at the end of the film they determine who is the killer but failed to capture him due to lack of evidence supporting for allegation he was set free after many years police try to find the suspect they found the suspect with couple evidence in the favor.



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