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Things that kill a relationship (psychological research)

Psychologists have analyzed relationships both for good and bad for many years. They have brought up the things that kill a relationship. So, you can avoid them in your relationships In this post we will be focusing on some most crucial factors he has identified.

things that kill a relationship
things that kill a relationship


We all complain about each other, We criticize each other. Criticism may be for the good but when it comes to that corrosive criticism; it just ruins away the relationship. Destructive criticism is not good for healthy relationships.

For example:

When someone is always pointing faults in you and judging you, concluding things without understanding

“You’re late because you don’t care about me“.

Maybe some understanding could have changed the statement. If you repeatedly criticize other people without understanding them. It can lead to the destruction of a relationship.


When you have contempt for your partner you make them feel worthless. Contempt can include any words that you utter as a means of making them feel low. These may include sarcastic words, name calling, eye rolling etc.

You know what? Everyone wants to live their life to the fullest. Be an appreciator instead of making other people down. Try to make the statements more polite.


A relationship is worth considering when you try to understand each other instead of being defensive and indulging in the blame games. It’s not a good idea to blame other partners for your mistakes or the mutual mistakes. Instead, try to find a solution and admit your part of the problem.


Stonewalling is delay or block (a request, process, or person) by refusing to answer questions or by giving evasive replies, This happens when you stop listening to your partner and start ignoring them, making false gestures and fake expressions. This is not only a lack of communication but also a lack of empathy for other partner.


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