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The Most Luxurious car | Rolls Royce Phantom

This is the best luxury car out there in a market right only ultra-rich people can afford this car it is so expensive. Rolls Royce is price around $550,000. Although it looks predominantly similar to its predecessor there is plenty new o it.


Rolls Royce Phantom


This car is not like some other Mercedes S class it is so unique in its appearance and its classy look you can distinguish this from any other thing in the market. Rolls Royce described his car with an astonishing presence that captivates man’s imagination this car has an unmatched aura which is rare to experience.


Rolls Royce Engine and other features

Rolls Royce is so serene inside when you sit inside the car only one sound you can hear it’s the sound of your heart.


At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.

David Ogilvy


Rolls Royce Phantom has a V12 engine that delivers pure effortless performance without compromising on the comfort of the car.


Rolls Royce has the best looking modern multimedia system with the assistance of camera view from 360 Degree.


The car is available in two models

Phantom Extended wheel base model



What so Cool about Rolls Royce


The company was started by Charles Royce and Henry Royce. There is a painter Mark Court, who still paints the Rolls Royce line manually with the hand


If you want to see Rolls Royce often on the roads you have to visit Hong Kong. IN 1998 tug of war started between companies to acquire Rolls Royce it ended up BMW purchased Rolls Royce for 430 million.


It is crazy to believe that 65 % of the rolls Royce built are still on the roads due to high-quality machinery.

Rolls Royce is stitched with leather inside it is not possible to find plastic on even single thing in this car. When you open the trunk of this car you would see soft leather everywhere.



What happens when you try to steal Rolls Royce ornament?

As you are wondering when you are driving your car in the poor neighborhood and you want to protect hood ornament you can hide it by pressing a button or else

Another Cool feature of Rolls Royce

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