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Telenor virtual card-The solution to online transactions in Pakistan

Telenor has launched virtual Card which can be used as visa card and Master card as well. You can not only pay bills in the country but also you can pay online anywhere. Wherever master card is accepted, this virtual master card can be used, like you can use it for online transactions, for purchasing your Hosting, for paying on websites, to purchase e-currencies, students looking to pay their TOEFL, SAT or GRE fee, or applying to a university abroad; small and medium businesses in purchasing licensed online software and paying international certification fees; and tourists paying for visa application fees and making logistical payments such as hotels, flights and transportation and what not. Wherever Master card is accepted Telenor virtual card is the solution.

Telenor offers master card
Telenor offers master card


In my opinion, it is currently the best solution for online transactions for Pakistanis who are not willing to provide their complete Master card’s details to any online payment gateway. I even had to suffer a lot for not paying my hosting bills, because of credit card issues. I asked a friend who had PayPal account to pay for me instead, so it made much hassle. Payoneer is a solution but only when it has been credited with some money but for that, you have to pay a lot of taxes and transaction fees to exchangers; if you are not using it to receive online money from freelancing or any other online earning site.Easypaisa card, however, eliminates all those problems. Just you have to install easy paisa application from google play store and click on virtual card tab. That’s all. click here to learn in detail

Easy paisa master card is just easy; the way its name suggests. Interesting thing is that you don’t have to compromise whole easy-paisa account for that, just make a virtual card and set its expiry date.Enter the amount of maximum monthly spending and your card is ready, you can also activate or deactivate your card and even you can block it permanently any time just by tapping a single button on your easypaisa mobile application.

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