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Richest Man in Babylon | Summary | how to become Rich

Richest Man in Babylon | Summary | how to become Rich


The richest man in Babylon is the story revolves around a person who turns fortune in his favor and becomes rich in his life.


The richest man in Babylon have the same education the same upbringing as his friends but he excels to become one of the wealthiest people of Babylon.


The richest man in Babylon focuses his energy on controlling his expenses he knows what luxuries are and what are necessities.  People spend money on things they don’t like they want to impress people they don’t like. This is a powerful quote from the movie “fight club”.

Richest man in Babylon
Richest man in Babylon


If you want to avoid loss in business always chose the investment in which you have known for example if you are a teacher and you are investing in IT Company it would be a mess for you because you don’t have a technical background and you will lose money.


Don’t follow people if someone has successful e-commerce and you want to just like them without following your heart you are destined to get fail.


Determination always finds a way in the same way you are determined to become the CEO of a company you will become one day with your determination.


Desperation and Inspiration always lead to an action we do things in desperation and inspiration both produce great results.  You prepare for a test when you are desperate time is running out and you want to succeed in exams, on the other hand, some students are inspired to get number because they want to be the topper.


Luck only matter much when we think it exists. In the book Goddess of luck visit those who are different from 97% percent of the people. They made a goal for themselves they work when other sleep they do things other can’t do they work on themselves they pass the day in day out working on themselves.

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