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Project online pakistan

Done with the 1st phase, You’ll find more updates here.

Generalways.com is proud to inform that project online Pakistan is now in the pre-launch stage, all the necessary measures have been taken. All the blueprints are ready

Below is the detail of projects

Phase 1:

Free courses will be available for learning to blog with WordPress.

Free Hosting will be provided to 5 users to set up their blog. (Note: Hosting is paid and will be funded by generalways.org, No advertisements will be shown on your sites. No affiliate links will be given. You will enjoy full features of premium hosting)

Hosting package will include:

  • 500 MB¬†storage space.
  • 20,000 MB Monthly Bandwidth.
  • Cpanel installed.
  • Script installer.
  • 2 subdomains
  • 2 email accounts
  • 2 Mysql Databases
  • 2 FTP accounts

This will be enough for a blogger to start a blogging career.

Progress: Hosting is available and the course will be available on 20th November. To get hosting you need To signup for the below form. Your form will be assigned a number and an unbiased third party website will generate random lucky winners of the hosting plans.

So good luck for that. Fill the form below here:

Click here for Form