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OnePlus 6 in Pakistan

OnePlus 6 in Pakistan

There is a lot speculation build around OnePlus 6 this company has taken the world by storm with its flagship mobile which is killing the market of Samsung and iPhone it is not easy to gain market in so much less time. OnePlus is often called a flagship killer what is the reality behind this phrase.


This picture is leaked by OnePlus as we can see from the image it has the same nudge as of an iPhone X but OnePlus. Rumour is suggesting that OnePlus 6 will be water resistant and its nudge will be smaller than that of iPhone x well company has announced that OnePlus will be realized in June, previous phones OnePlus 5t was so fast that even the Android version cannot support its fast specs. It was even faster than iPhone X in applications.

Specs of OnePlus 6

Chinese Giant has confirmed that OnePlus 6 will come with a battery size 3450 MAH battery which is better than its predecessor with the extra feature of water-resistant and 2k resolution. 8GB RAM and 6GB RAM in cheaper version and they go further in storage with 256 GB Storage in high specs model. This is going to be one of the fastest mobile phones exist in the market with 845 QUALCOMM Snapdragon chip. The phone is set to rival top flagship phone out there in the market with is 6.28-inch screen Size which is bigger than its previous model. Face recognition feature is going to rival iPhone x and company is retaining dual 20 Megapixel camera on back and front.

The cellphone will be price lot inexpensive than its most of the rival yet it surpasses them in performance and speed that the quality of OnePlus mobile. OnePlus 6 will be priced around 70k to 95k in Pakistan. OnePlus 6 has no outlet here in Pakistan. There is a good news for you there is a large number of OnePlus 6 would be available in Pakistan at Hafez Center you can go there and pick one of your choices. I don’t recommend buying a cell phone from OlX most of them have faults besides that you only have one choice and they are going to charge a premium price plus it does not worth your time.


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    Well I’d prefer to buy OnePlus 6T now after OnePlus 6.. just fell in love with it as its launched today !

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