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Neuroplasticity and Happiness

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to reorganize its cells by forming new neural connections throughout the life.

This helps the brain to reorganise its cells in such a way so that it can compensate for the loss of damaged cells and it can adjust the activity in response to the change in situations or environment.

Neuroplasticity is related to happiness according to recent researches. Actually, this is a type of change in brain cells that can be accomplished by continual exposure to a thought of particular type. We can temporarily or for long run change the pattern of thinking and ultimately the way we behave.

The reward related neurotransmitters like dopamine are more likely to flow higher when we practice gratitude, when we practice feelings of positivity or when we are exposed to positive thoughts. Thus, mental activity can help changing our neural activity which in turn can change our behaviour.

That’s the so reason it is said that “Healthy mind and healthy body are related to each other”

That’s not just about the happiness but many things like wealth, contentment etc can be achieved by practice of thinking. When you think positive, more positivity comes to you.

A person looking for gratitude and positivity in every field of life is generally believed to embrace more happiness. If John thinks that Jack is a bad roommate who has always been making his life worst, He hates Jack for his presence even and ultimately he will note just bad stuff related to jack. His feeling of hate gets worse and so does the connections of neurons in his brain are getting stronger on this issue. This makes him feel bad and is also responsible for his faulty paradigms.

However, If the same John thinks that although Jack is bad in some chores, he is lazy, he is not social, he is spend-thrift but instead of all these negative emotions He is a good and loyal friend, He is always helping people and so on. All this can create a feeling of gratitude and love in John’s heart for Jack, destroying all negativity and thus creating happiness, releasing happy chemicals and making him more empathic instead of judgemental. More happiness related neurotransmitters will be released and more connections among good brain cells will be developed.

Thus, we can change our habit of thinking in a particular tone to change our way of living and the way we behave with people.


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