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Narcissism is an extreme interest in one’s own self, one’s looks and feels. It’s an extreme type of selfishness in which a person feels great because of his looks, his achievements, and even his presence. This type of people needs admiration everywhere they go. It’s normal to like one’s self, it’s normal to take care of one’s health and fitness but it’s not normal when a person becomes only self-centered. When the outside world is of no value to someone, when they use other people’s self-esteem to build their own reputation.

Who are Narcissists and what are there qualities?

Narcissists can be your best friends but the type of friends who vanish away when you are in need. They can be your spouse who is only interested in their self. They have very low level of internal self-esteem, so they try to find it from external sources.


No matter How good friends they have, but in parties and while meeting with people they will only talk about the people who are of high status. Surely, because they think that reference to this kind of belongings is a great way to boost one’s own public value.

They will act like they are better than other people. They deserve more special treatment. They often expect others to appreciate them in everything they do and in every idea they present. They will envy you if you don’t like their ideas.

In relationships, they will never be good. They will feel victims even when they are on the fault. They will make you lose your senses. They are very mean in apologizing. They can be sweet to you, they may pretend to be the best person for you but after they have used you, they will move away quickly. This is what they usually do.

The conclusion is that you can’t judge anyone for just one or a few happenings. Maybe a person is different to you and different to another person. So tagging Humans with different types of disorders is not a good idea. Psychologists are there to assess people.

People behave differently¬†because sometimes they don’t just want to be expelled out of society. Social ostracism has become a greater fear for people than permanent losing of relationships.


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