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Jun ji-hyun

Although Jun ji-hyun is a Korean name, She is also famous for her English name which is Gianna Jun. Jun is a very popular South Korean actress. Mostly Jun is known for her films, but that doesn’t mean that she has not performed in TV series. Notable films include My Sassy Girl, The Burlin Fire and many more. We’ll discuss them later in the article. Here are some of the things you need to know about her.

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She was born on October 30, 1981. She is 37 years old now.
Height & Weight:
Her Height is 5.6 feet.
Her weight is: 55 kg


She graduated from Dongguk University. This university is famous for teaching Digital Media. Jun graduated in that as well.


She has won many awards which include:
Favorite Actress
Grand Prize (Daesang)
Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Fantasy Drama
Best Couple Award (with Lee Min-ho)
Top 10 Stars Award
K-Wave Star Award
Idol Academy Award – Best Eating (Meokbang)
There are hardly a few awards in which she was nominated and was not selected.

Jun Ji-hyun movies:

She became famous for her movie “My Sassy Girl” which was a comedy movie. Nevertheless, she has worked in many other movies and series afterwards. Here is a collection of famous movies by Jun Ji Hyun

White Valentine:

This movie, as the name suggests, is a romantic movie of 1999. Jun played a significant role in this movie. The story is very much fascinating and entertaining in which two pen-pals meet each other at the end of the film.

My Sassy Girl:

This is a comedy film which is known as one of the best comedies ever happened in South Korea. The movie is about a male engineering student who was not good at relationships. The movie revolves about his transformation.
The best part of the film is that the name of the actress has not been uttered even once.


This movie is an urban style movie filled with the fragrance of romance and love. Jun has played the role of a woman who is a sketch artist. A man sees his portrait and fell in love with her. The film is great entertainment for romance lovers.

Blood: The Last Vampire:

The Vampire girl Jun has played the role just perfectly in this movie as well. This piece of fiction has received a significant acknowledgment not only in South Korea but around the globe.


Jun has played a dual role in this movie. She has played as twin daughters of a nurse. One of them was killed in the movie. This is currently among the highest grossing film in South Korea.

TV series:

She has also performed in Television series. Although, she is famous mostly for her movies. Here are some of the television series she has worked in.

  • Fascinate My Heart
  • Happy Together
  • My Love from the Star
  • Legend of the Blue Sea

jun ji-hyun husband:

On April 13, 2012, Jun was married to Choi Joon-hyuk. Her Husband is also a Korean actor but is not as famous as she is. But what’s the purpose of materialism when there is love.

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