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How to start living to the fullest

Have you ever imagined a person living a life to the fullest yet he claims to be perfect in every chore he does? No certainly not. I haven’t listened about any such person. So, you don’t need to be perfect to relish the moment. You need money to live to the fullest? If so, I have seen many people having millions of dollars in their bank accounts but still they are sad about life.


Life is different for everyone and at the same time some rules work the same for every other person. I remember being in a  situation where I had to perform a lot of chores at daily basis and the time left to live life was the same time I used to do additional work because in the deep inside I had made the paradigm that I can not live to fullest without goals being accomplished. I am not saying that chasing your goals is a bad thing but instead I am saying that ruining your life for goals is not a good idea.

Now coming to some points that help in living life to the fullest. The simplest of them is to live in the present moment. If you live in past and future, go give yourself a chance to live only the moment you are in, the moment you are living, the time you are spending, the people you are meeting, the experiences you are getting.


sometimes we are so busy in creating the future moments that we create regrets to think about in future. One of my clients who was a successful entrepreneur once told me that the biggest regret he was carrying is “Not caring his mother”. those were the last days of that lady and he went on building future, he actually does so but in creating a better future he also owned a worst regret.

If you are lucky enough to have your family and friends, to have independence, to have the power to change yourself, go change it. Life is short. Don’t waste it

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