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How to prepare just a few days before exams

In our other article about studying tips, I have given you tips how to study for good grades but this article is all about getting pass preparing just before the exams. The simple thing to consider here is that I am assuming that you have not studied constructively the whole year or semester and Now You are carrying a luggage full of stress on your head. Let me show you how you can get passed in exams by studying for a short time. I have tried to write this article as much to boost confidence level as possible.

study a few days before exams


You are not alone:

First of all, you need to realize that you are not the only person who because of lazy habits or some other problems is in this current situation. Many people face them in some phases of their career. If you are regretful for wasting time, and still thinking to waste more time, then, give up thinking for some days and rely on just doing. Try to do as much as possible.

Don’t let stress ruin your career:

If you are taking stress you are not going to learn more things. Stress can only help you in losing your self-esteem. Don’t be a victim of it. It will just ruin your plans and nothing else. If you stressed think just positive. Take a little break and keep going for good. Talk to people who bring positivity in you. Remember this is not the last exam of your life.

Prepare for necessary things:

Forget every other thing and focus just on how to study hard and keep it up. Forget exams, forget what you will get, forget what you will lose. Only focus on learning the important things. Get notes from some nerd classmates and study them.  Don’t think that you will learn all syllabus just a day or two before exams. it’s simply not possible.

Get past papers:

Get solved past papers and try to learn them. You can get the idea of the paper pattern from them. Keeping that pattern in your mind prepare for exams.

Skip things you are not comfortable with:

Skip the things you have never touched before, first of all, revise all that is comfortable for you, by this way you will get confident on your skills. If you have more time, revise them more them once and clear all confusion about them. Be a  master of those things.

Learn the skipped part:

If after revision you have enough time to learn new things, surely go for them. Learn all the things that were important in paper’s point and you had skipped them. As per my experience is concerned; I found many of them quite easy. The main reason for firstly revising important things is that you get a self-esteem bump that will help you in getting more productive.

Revise all together:

Now as you have revised the learned and learned the unlearned, it’s time to revise all syllabus again. So go for it. Revise the whole syllabus, if you don’t have time then at least revise it by a bird’s eye view.

Stop searching on the Internet and start learning:

To me, this is probably the most important tip. Don’t search on the internet how to study one day before the exam, two days before exams, one hour before exams etc. You know what you have less time and you are wasting it for no good reason. Value your time, you have read much. Now it’s time to do things practically. Disconnect internet and start preparing for the exam. Computer is not the alternative of stress.


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