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People tend to feel shy when they meet new people often in many cases people when we experience large social gathering we feel shy and we are very much concerned that everyone is watching us.

I have been through this kind of situation it is easy to get out of it by following these simple two rules.


How to Meet For the First Time

When you are meeting someone for the first time it is important to form the enchanting image in the eyes of other for this you have to practice a simple exercise that will allow you to win more friends within no time everyone will start liking you if you do this simple exercise it can be done by anyone.


Exercise is so  Simple it will completely change your life I came to know after meeting some of the people who are already using this secret I’m going to share it with everyone in order to excel in your life.


“When you meet a stranger for the first look at their face for a 2-3 second then put a smile on your face and transmit your smile into your eyes.

In this way, it will form a staggering image in the eyes of another person that you are genuine and you are really pleased to meet them for the first time.

A fake smile is so evident everyone can judge you have to unique in order to grow the people who are rich are usually good at dealing with people.


90 % Of the communication is nonverbal your sixth sense is more crucial than another thing it will form your first impression. As a wise man once said, “the first impression is the last impression.”


How to Control Your Anxiety

  • Try to observe everyone as if you are a cop it will divert your thought process.
  • Make Eye Contact with the people as you look no one was actually paying attention to you.
  • You are not center of attention for everyone
  • Overthinking kills try to control your breadth




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