How to manage your time

When to start a day

When is the best time to start a day it has a simple answer as soon as you wake up and what is the best way to manage your day?

Being a human being you have an infinite amount of choices and one simple choice is to make a decision if you want to do something do it don’t wait for things.


There is two type of things Majors and Minor you have to distinguish between them I am going to tell the difference between the major and Minor time.


Major Time

Major time is when you have an important meeting with a client you are present at a meeting and you are a selling product to your client. You have to notice how much time you are spending on major activities in a month in order to be successful in life. If you are spending 85 % of your time on major things you are surely on the right path to succeed in your life.


Monitor your weekly result if are on your path to becoming an entrepreneur you want to succeed in life increase your major time.


As Jim Rohn mention in his speeches doesn’t take movement as a progressive is a powerful quote from Jim Rohn and it tells us that real success is in actions not in movement.

Minor Time

Minor time in your business is when you make an approach to someone it is a minor work. Minor work is micromanagement you focus on small things it does not count in progress. In minor time we do things that are not impacting your business directly.

Bonus Tips

Concentration is key when you are with your family do n’t think about work and focus all your energy on your family.

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