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How to get a girl to like you | Simple Steps

How to get a girl to like you | Simple Steps


I was in complete despair when she did not reply to my text it is not an easy situation for a person it is a complete chaos you have no clue what to do next you are in the proactive stage of your life I have been through this kind of situation many times.

I have made many mistakes and I have learned from them as I progress in my life I realize one of the most important lessons of my life you do not need to “funny” or send lame pickup lines from Google. God has given you brain.


What not to text a girl you like

It is crime to send a girl message “hi” or common phrases like “how do you do “  these days girls inbox are filled with this kind of dumb messages they are getting them on the constant basis if you are really interested in someone to send text which they think you have specially designed for them.

You can search for the person who you look you can determine their habits likes and dislike if you pay attention to your inner voice you would know exactly what to text and when to text.

Best time to text her


It is seldom a question. You can text her when you are free from your work and you are in the complete calm state it is the perfect time to text her.

Don’t text her when you are in the gloomy mood if will display in the text it will negatively impact your image.


How to put a smile on her face


The element of surprise provides you an edge over the others and make you look more appealing to the other person. Always unpredictable in the way you do things.

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