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How to Deal With a Heartless People

How to Deal With a Heartless People

People who are heartless really live in another galaxy because they lack the emotion of empathy towards the other.

They are like a machine who are doing things without calculating the consequences they have to face in the future. These are the people who face the real panic when they are facing a completely new situation because they are deprived of using the brain for the rationalization.

Beware of the people who are heartless often you find out it later they form a general perception about the people all people are bad.

It is not possible to find a single person in the entire generation of the human race which are identical to the other human it is a tuff question how is it possible.

We all individual show some characteristics which are common yet we don’t feel we are same we all are very different from each other our thought process are different.


HOW to protect yourself

  • Stay neutral with them always say than necessary ignore them as much as you can
  • Don’t wait for them to soften their when you are in a relationship with them
  • Leave them best way to make them realize is to treat them in a same as they were treating you
  • Don’t share your secret with them they will use it against you
  • It is better to divert your attention away from them it will annoy them


There are many humble people out there in this world who are humble who cares for others but they are shy they require time to adjust with you. Be careful your words are of paramount importance to other always use them to motivate other always see positive in other in this way you will develop an attractive personality and protect yourself from heartless and cold heart people.

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