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How to be positive at work

So you think, “My job sucks!” “The CEO is just a piece of S***” You may be finding ways to get out of that environment, searching all about dealing with people of negative attitude, but just wait and think for a moment why you have to deal with all those people in a conventional way. Why can’t you change your pattern of thinking towards people instead? Let them do their things and You do your own in a way that can make yourself an impactful person. Aren’t you getting anything that I am saying? Yeah, I know you don’t. Fun apart, let’s move to our topic i.e How we can change paradigms of people to help ourselves and them as well.


Think Good About Yourself:

Are you a person who always thinks bad about himself, or if not that, maybe a person who always criticise himself for little things. Don’t do such harm to yourself, actually, we should be empathic and realistic but not that much that we actually forget our own worth in criticising ourselves. If you criticise yourself for the wrong you did. It’s okay but thinks about it as a way of learning, not just a way of feeling down and losing your worth.

Gone is gone!

When you have lost a project, no matter for whose mistake, you have lost it. Just leave it and concentrate on new things and new projects in future, it will not only save your time and energy but also will help you in be more active in future.

Positivity around:

In your surrounding, at the walls of your office and anywhere in your working area where you continually have to share some vision, add some of the photos of good things you have done, certificates of your achievements etc. These things will keep you motivated.

Positive People:

Surround yourself with the people who appreciate good in you, who don’t focus on looking negativity in any present situation. Such people make you feel good about yourself.

Avoid them:

Avoid all the negative people, who show non-seriousness towards work, are humorous in a lusty way. Humour is good but vulgar humour at the workplace is not a good thing. People with good sense of humour are always appreciated but try to avoid people who are just non-serious, find bad things in you and criticise as a way of getting pleasure.

Think calmly:

It is quite normal to fall in a dilemma or any other situation at work but try to stay calm and think about the solutions instead of messing with stress further, This will help you in getting more good at problem-solving.

Believe in yourself:

Believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself. People are more likely to believe in you and trust you. Even if no one believes in you and you are sure about a thing, go for it. You can Get an idea from the example below:

Once, there was an older man, who was broke, living in a tiny house and owned a beat up car. He was living off of $99 social security checks. At 65 years of age, he decides things had to change. So he thought about what he had to offer. His friends raved about his chicken recipe. He decided that this was his best shot at making a change.He left Kentucky and travelled to different states to try to sell his recipe. He told restaurant owners that he had a mouthwatering chicken recipe. He offered the recipe to them for free, just asking for a small percentage of the items sold. Sounds like a good deal, right?Unfortunately, not to most of the restaurants. He heard NO over 1000 times. Even after all of those rejections, he didn’t give up. He believed his chicken recipe was something special. He got rejected 1009 times before he heard his first yes.With that one success, Colonel Hartland Sanders changed the way Americans eat chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC, was born.Remember, never give up and always believe in yourself in spite of rejection.

Respect others:

Respect other people and all those around so you can get respect back. There is no any specific law or something like that. It’s simple “As you sow, so shall you reap”

Do your best:

Sometimes, failure is not a bad thing but the regret of not trying seems more bad, so to avoid such a regret allow yourself to do work at your best. Don’t get distracted and keep moving. Stay happy and healthy.

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