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How guys feel after they break up with their girlfriend

If he loves her truly
Sometimes situations build in such a way we think that relationship is a burden for our life we cannot take carry this relationship anymore. If a guy truly loves a girl he would watch her profile again and again on social media.

“I think it is important to realize you can miss something, but don’t want it back”.
(Paulo Coelho)

Break up are always a tuff thing for guys but breakup happens when both people think that their relationship is a sort of a burden . as the relationship grows old the attraction between the couple starts to decline with the passage of time both people know this relationship is going to be over.
What guy actually feels?

 There is still hidden hope that she will come back but guy denies it whenever his friends ask him about his ex.

 Trying to hit on new girls in order to forget about the past one but the reality is opposite he did not find a new one it is only a substitute.

 He does not want to talk about her with anyone else he does not find anyone worthy of sharing that feeling.

 After few days of break up, he feels that he has so much time to do things like, focus on career etc, in reality, your average think about her more than 6 times a day on average.

It is a difficult situation for a guy there are many outside factors which plays its role in the situation on which your relationship is going you can no control it. Guys know when breakup happen with a girl they truly like there is no way going back there is only one way you can go in the future and let the time to heal things,

The quotation from Paulinho was so powerful his words were a pure reality you miss her many times still you don’t want her back you also know that you will not have the courage to love any person like her again in this life.


What if he does not love you?

In this situation guys mostly act differently they know that they don’t love another person in this situation guys behaviour is going to be stable it will not impact as it happens in love case. Guys don’t care they will show fake emotions and there is no “EGO” in that case because of it is more about taking benefit from each other.

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