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“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Throughout the years, the different songwriter has written songs over happiness. In 2013, Pharrell Williams released this song “Happy” which eventually got the best Grammy award for the pop solo song. This song was recorded as the original soundtrack of “Despicable Me 2” series. The genre of music is pop rock.

In this song, Pharrell Williams tells us about the key to unlock the door for happiness; not to care about anything. In the first part of the song, he narrates that I don’t care what anybody thinks of me just because I’m happy. And Happiness doesn’t need material things, money can’t bring happiness, people are happy without any roof over their heads. They’re happy because they know what they exactly want, they know what happiness is for them, so that’s why they’re happy!

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He repeatedly sings this same part again and again with rather different scenarios. Like in the second part, he said that someone will come and tell me about the bad things people say behind me, so hold on don’t waste your time because I don’t care anyway. And since I don’t care I’m happy, cause happiness doesn’t require any reasons. You have to stay happy because you want to do so. People love to find flaws in you, even if you change yourself according to them, they’ll still find something wrong about you and will talk about you anyway. So, stop thinking and start focusing on all the positives in you. Let them say what they want to say, you’ll be happy when you’ll learn that people’s opinions don’t matter!

In the third and last part, he sings that people will always try to bring you down, they’ll insult you but if only you’re satisfied with yourself and you’re happy, no power on earth can bring you down. He sings that “bring me down, can’t nuthin’ cuz I’m happy.” So, that’s your boundary wall to the road towards happiness, that you let others bring you down. Raise your head and step forward and you’ll see nobody can bring you down because now you’re on a higher level than them.

In this beautiful pop song, he aware his listeners that it’s you who’s keeping yourself abstained from happiness. Happiness lies within you, if you’ll care what others say, you’ll never be happy. So, free yourself from these self-limiting doubts and start living a happy life. Stop caring and start believing in yourself, Always remember that happiness doesn’t require any reasons, and if you try to find reasons, you’ll end up dispirited!

Here is the complete video with lyrics!

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