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How to forget your past and be happy


The web is carrying millions of pages telling you to be happy.All their presence is a signal that it’s not a problem of a single person but millions of people out there. We are not machines, we are human beings. We make mistakes, we carry regrets, we fail, we win.That’s all life. You have chosen to change your behaviour which proves that you are willing to live a great life. some past incidence have made your life worse, some regrets, some shames that you are carrying from the past. Everyone, there is telling you that you will be recovered, but you are not getting what you want actually. Let me tell you a thing, they are all true as you have put effort to search for your behaviour you have actually achieved a milestone, there is no shame in counselling, self-actualization and accepting the reality.

get out of yourpast
get out of your past


The guilt is forgivable if you have decided firmly to change yourself. When you can’t do anything to change the past or a situation, you should remain silent and work on the present so that future will not be the same. There are only two things that one can do about a situation, either change it or accept it and go with it.

We Human beings, I think, possess a natural tendency to remind ourselves again and again about the situations that have a made us low. Modern researches have linked neuroplasticity with happiness. According to these new studies, brain cells can rearrange themselves in a pattern that can make similar kind of attractions more powerful. You can learn more about it here.

It’s not about being happy or not happy, it’s about being contented or not, it’s about being thankful to what you already possess or not. The more you think positive the more positivity attract towards you. Your Brain will send more signals to endocrine glands to release hormones of happiness, the hormones to keep your body at the normal pace.

Accepting change is also a factor important in this regard if you have known some things that you were not willing to believe or you have seen the betrayal behind some empathic person. It’s difficult and a thing hard to digest but what can we do, if it has happened. It’s a good thing that we are no more blind. it’s a good thing that we are becoming more self-dependent. Learn to accept change in life, Change is for good reasons sometimes.

Be happy and Don’t forget to read this article about 10 general ways to be happy.

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