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Faceapp tutorials

FaceApp is one of the emerging apps that facilitates Facebook, Twitter,  and other internet photo-sharing app users to change their photos from one form  to another through computer animations, share their photos and have a new unimaginable look of themselves that how they will look in future as an old person or how it would be looking like a small kid or baby.

Following is a guide, based on some questions you might have, for those who wish to use FaceApp.

About FaceApp!

FaceApp facilitates the smooth transformation of one image into another using digital tweening. It is an in which the essential quality of a machine of using the human level of intelligence is used to change the appearance and form of faces.  The images having face features are picked up by the app from the gallery of the user on the command of the user (It is highly helpful for those having a lot of photos in their gallery).

Doing ‘Neural Face Transformation’ by using FaceApp

FaceApp is facilitating its users by providing several different exciting filters.

These filters include:

  • Smile adding filter (Smile & smile 2).
  • Younger face looks filter (Young).
  • Older face looks filter (Old).
  • Features of face of females (Female).
  • Features of face of a male (Male).


Guideline regarding downloading FaceApp

Before using an app, the main and important thing is that it will be downloaded.

Downloading this app is as easy as downloading others. It can be downloaded either from the play store or from the apple app store. Android users can download it from the Play store and for iPhone users, it is also available on the apple app store.

Insert login id and password or provide authentication through fingerprints when required.

Using the app through easy ways

Editing of both; current and previous photos is possible through Face App.

You can edit the previously saved photos from the gallery and also by using a camera you can take the photo immediately and can apply the filters. The following points would be a guideline regarding using the app:

  1. Take the photo from using the camera of the app or select the photo from the gallery.
  2. You will have several filters. Either keep the photo on the original mode or apply the filters.
  3. For applying filters scroll towards the right side.
  • Smile and smile 2 will add beautiful smiles with open teeth and mouth.
  • You can use the filter of spark to enhance skin tone smoothening.
  • Features of the feminine can be added through the female filter and masculine features can be added through male features.
  • Old filter will show the future version of your face and similarly, young filter will show how you looked like a small kid.
  1. If you want to use different GIFs or for making collages of your photos, in which you can combine many photos which you wish,  the options are available. To access these options scroll left.

Sharing the photos through FaceApp

FaceApp also facilitates its users to share the images on WhatsApp and other platforms of messaging and you can also post them ton Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show your friends and get it liked and reposted by them. It’s a connectivity tool that helps to build good relations with your friends by sharing and getting comments and likes on what you have shared.

The option of download and share is at the bottom of the final edited photo.

Paying procedure

Face App provides the facility of using the free version which is free of any charges. The users can use the free version for as many times as they want. This free version is available for every user for which no payment and charges is required. FaceApp is providing the free version free of cost. For better usage, FaceApp is updated to the latest version  FaceApp 3.4 which provides even more attractive filters. For accessing new features, payments will be required. By using these features you can get more smoothing skin tone effects, hair editing options, and eye-catchy filters. Originally, the price of the new upgraded version was  $20. Although it costs but no adds will be shown and the benchmark removing option will also be given to the users.

*Procedure for paying:

  • i) Go in settings
  • ii) Click on buy
  • iii) Finish

Issues using this app

For everything, there are different perspectives based on how an individual looks upon something. With positive aspects, there always lie some negative ones. Although they are not always necessarily true but still some of the issues related to FaceApp as reported are as under:

  1. Vagueness in language: Vagueness is an inescapable attribute of language. A few of the sentences in policy terms are not clear. There is a conflict between what these people claim and what the actual reality is. As they claim that privacy will be maintained even if the company is sold to someone else, but in reality, the real statement is different. The choices that individuals make that who can see their photos are not properly clarified. The photos once uploaded are not secure. Only a request can be made to the developer to delete the photos but nothing else can be done.
  2. Every photo is being stolen: this is the second issue regarding FaceApp. This might be true but not as it is stated. Every photo is stolen by them is a false statement with no reality behind.this is a claim by the users that even after denial to camera access the app still shows the photos that are in the gallery. According to the customer’s claim, it is because FaceApp steals every photo but in reality, after denial of access to camera roll, FaceApp gets the photo from other apps, it doesn’t steal the photos.
  3. Revoking image rights: Deleting an image from other apps is easy but not from FaceApp. As simply deleting a photo from Instagram deletes it permanently but not from FaceApp. For this, there is a need to send an email to the support team and then get it deleted by their help by sending a request in writing. It can’t be done from the app directly.

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