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Faceapp Alternatives

FaceApp is developed by Wireless Lab, a Russian Company, with an aim to provide users the opportunity to edit and share their photos by giving them a new look with new and advanced features. In today’s world of internet, FaceApp is one of the most popular apps which is showing a new technologically advanced world of photo editing. It enables the users to look at their future and old version by applying creative filters. The users can edit their current and previous photos by using FaceApp. Users can either use the photos from their gallery or can also click a new one by the app camera. Saving and sharing the photo is quite easy. After saving the edited photo they can directly upload it to any social networking site.  Only a real transformation is possible by this app.

Not just this, but also FaceApp is one of the best app using neural transformation technology. Gender flipping, changing the hairstyles, applying different tattoos and many more. These unique features are a source of attraction for users and due to this, the number of users is increasing on an hourly basis.

Although FaceApp is one of the best apps providing such attractive features it is not the only app with such features. There are many other apps that are also giving unique and attractive features to users. These apps can be said to be the alternatives of FaceApp.  Few of such alternatives along the features that they have are stated below:


AgingBooth is considered as one of the best alternative of FaceApp. It is an expert in creating Aging photos. The desired results are within seconds and this is considered as one of the greatest similarity between Agingbooth and FaceApp. Although it doesn’t offer additional face stickers and tattoos. It provides beautiful aging photos with a very easy process. Click “Start ” after installing the app. Choose a photo from your gallery or take an immediate photo, edit it the way you want to have a look at the aging photograph. It also gives an additional option to take photos from Facebook. You will have aging photos from 2051 onwards.



It’s a reality-based movement tool that facilitates the users to insert movement effects to their photos. For iOS users the app is easily available, they can use the app by simply downloading it can add the latest movement effects that will make their photos look more attractive for the viewers.



Digital technology is used in this app. It is used for the digital representation of a person or being. It can take on any of the various forms as a user chooses e.g 3D, animated, photo, a sketch of a person and anything used in a virtual world. It is also available on both iOS and Android. The users can easily use it for making clones and the way the user wants to use it. These can also be used for social media platforms and users can share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twiter, etc.


Have they faked me?:

This app shows all the similar photos similar to the photo that you upload. There are apps that generate photos that actually doesn’t exist. These apps sometimes are a source of confusion for the users whether it’s true or not. Have they faked me help to know all the related photos that exist so that the individuals may not be made a fool? By uploading a photo on Have they faked me? The user can see all the related photos, related to the uploaded photo.


Meitu is another photo editing tool. It is developed by a company that is china based. It is available for both Android and iOS users. The users can use this for applying several different filters, these filters include; photo frame editing, collage making, retouching, different scenes editing, etc. This app is very easy to use and it makes photo editing very convenient.


It is a video selfie recording app that helps the user to record a video of their selfies and share it on different social media platforms. Both iOS and Android users can download can use this app for photo editing and get their photos edited within seconds. The user can get a photo with a beard on the original photo.

Portrait by img.ly:

Portrait by img.ly facilitates its users to create portrait images by just a single click. It provides several unique filters like blending effect, colors over the photo and many more. iPhone6, iPhone6 plus, iPad Air 2,iPad Mini 4 and many more can use this app.

Reflect-Face Swap:

Although this app can not be used on mobile because it is not considered an app for mobile still this an amazing app amongst the users used for swapping the photos within seconds. The use of this app is not restricted to human photo editing but, it is capable of editing photos of statues, etc. It swaps the photo uploaded in the editor.

YouCam Makeup:

This app is available on iOS and Android and the user of both are facilitated to use this app to insert different makeup effects which include different hair-color, changing the color of the eye lens, blush on, hairstyles, freckles, changing the color of lips, artificial eyelashes, contouring and many more. It can be applied to previously clicked selfies or on real-time photos. Basically, it gives entirely a new look to the photo with different makeup effects.


Another great alternative of FaceApp is oldify. This app facilitates the users to have a look at the future version of themselves. The additional factor is that the user can insert their ages manually and can get results of how their future version will be.

Old Face:

Either by clicking the photo immediately or selecting it from the gallery, you can use this app to see how your face will look like when it gets old. This is another amazing app very easy to use by the users and is considered as another alternate to FaceApp. Without any effort and on just a single click the results are available.

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