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Elon Musk Age | Companies | Facts


Elon Musk wants to make an impact in this world when he was just a kid he created a game which he sold for 500$ at the age of 10 years later he started a company he took some money from his father and invested in his business along with his brother he worked super hard on things.

Space X
Space X

He said we worked super hard every day he works 15 hours a day 7 days a week. He still sleeps on the Tesla floor when he was a kid he uses to read a lot of books. Some people believe he has read more books than the high school graduate when he was only 12 years old.


Elon Musk is derived from the energy to make the world a better place for the future generation he says everything is possible you just have to change away anything is achievable.


He did not get the formal education about the rocket science but he reads a tremendous amount of books to become the expert.


His Net worth is 20 Billion according to Forbes 2018 his age is 47. He was born in South Afric.


He completed his formal education at the University of Pennsylvania. He became interested in artificial intelligence but he fears that in future artificial intelligence have the capability to take control over the world.


His plan his to make a colony on the other planets as well he said: “ it is depressing human born on earth and die on this planet Earth I want to make a change.


”  He said formal education is not important for your success most schools don’t teach how to start a company he said I would not send my children to schools I build a school for them where they can learn things they want to study.


Elon Musk idea is right most of the children hate their school and then there is classes system you have to pass previous one to go to the next step the criteria of measuring the intelligence is same for everyone.

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