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How to create a telenor virtual Master card

Telenor virtual card is a great opportunity for all those out there who are willing to make online transactions but are not willing to provide their personal bank account details. Telenor virtual card solves the problem. It’s just a card in your hand but you can’t hold it physically that’s the only difference but may be in future they will launch actual card, However, I am not their official to predict their strategies.

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Online card

The day it launched for the first time I, after receiving the update notification, instantly opened the application to see this new offer. Within a minute I created my first virtual Master Card and set it expiry to a month.It’s quite flexible. You can even pause the card temporarily or permanently just by tapping for once on the respective buttons present on the top right-hand corner of your virtual card. It’s simple, convenient and facilitative.

The virtual debit card will include all information necessary to make an online transaction including the 16-digit PAN number, expiry date, and the CVV. Once a transaction is made at a website using the virtual debit card, funds from that particular person’s Easy paisa mobile account will be deducted in real-time.

Read more about the card here

Now coming to the procedure of creating this card.But before that, you will need an active easy paisa account and easy paisa mobile application as well. If you have these. follow the procedure below

Step1: Download the easypaisa application and on the bottom right corner of your screen Tap the button showing “virtual card” button.

Step2: Accept the terms and conditions after reading them. After that, tap on the circle with plus icon to create a new card.

Step3: Select the validity period of your Card.(the duration after which your card will be expired)

Step4: Enter the limit of your maximum monthly usage.

Step5: Confirm details and that’s all. You can see the CVV number at the back of your card.

At the upper right corner, you can see the button for temporary pausing and for permanent deactivation of your Card.

Note: The amount will be deducted from your easy paisa account. However, with the maximum monthly limit set, you can control your maximum deduction amount by that particular card.

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