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7 ways to get a life

Despite all necessities of life, we always look for happiness in our lives because we want to get rid of overwhelming pains and bleeding worn of our past. Letting grieves go and grabbing happiness is the basic rule of living a life. Let’s discuss a few ways to get a …

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Why dress well men 5 steps


Why dress well men 5 steps First step The first step is to take shower and clean your body with moisturizer after that cleans your body with a towel and apply body spray of Denim.   Second Step Chose the perfect color combination dress for yourself let suppose if you …

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Why motivation is necessary

Why motivation is necessary Motivation is like a sun ray coming directly from far sun touching a paper thin skin of leaves bringing freshness to the plant. Motivation is like a blood pumping through the blood vessel it brings unseen happiness in our faces. Most humans thinking process work in …

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A Man’s First Love

A Man never gets satisfied with his condition he is always in search of more how he can do the things in the perfect manner where he generally destroys the phenomena where man is created imperfectly by the god and bring life into him when he has given the opportunity …

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