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How to prepare for Exams

tips to study for exams

How to prepare for exams is a question every student asks. What are some strategies that will help you in preparing well for your exams? I am going to tell you some of them. These will boost not only your confidence level but they will also help you in attaining …

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How to be positive at work


So you think, “My job sucks!” “The CEO is just a piece of S***” You may be finding ways to get out of that environment, searching all about dealing with people of negative attitude, but just wait and think for a moment why you have to deal with all those …

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How to start living to the fullest

Book Summary

Have you ever imagined a person living a life to the fullest yet he claims to be perfect in every chore he does? No certainly not. I haven’t listened about any such person. So, you don’t need to be perfect to relish the moment. You need money to live to the …

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Neuroplasticity and Happiness

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to reorganize its cells by forming new neural connections throughout the life. This helps the brain to reorganise its cells in such a way so that it can compensate for the loss of damaged cells and it can adjust the activity in response …

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