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Peace Songs 2018


Peace Songs 2018  Every day we spend time in listening to songs there are some songs which bring peace to our mind and body. Sometimes I wish I could stop listening to these songs but I cant here is my list of top 5 songs. One good thing about music, …

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Why motivation is necessary

Why motivation is necessary Motivation is like a sun ray coming directly from far sun touching a paper thin skin of leaves bringing freshness to the plant. Motivation is like a blood pumping through the blood vessel it brings unseen happiness in our faces. Most humans thinking process work in …

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OnePlus 6 in Pakistan


OnePlus 6 in Pakistan There is a lot speculation build around OnePlus 6 this company has taken the world by storm with its flagship mobile which is killing the market of Samsung and iPhone it is not easy to gain market in so much less time. OnePlus is often called …

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What is Happiness

happiness smilies

What is Happiness? For decades and decades, people have been trying to point out what happiness actually is. Philosophers have tried to dig deeper into the phenomenon. About why two people behave differently in different situations. Why some people are happier than others. What are the paradigms that make people …

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Safe Ways to lose weight


Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to shed some weight? It may seem like every diet is a shame and it’s hopeless, and while many diets are ineffective and counterproductive, there are fast and safe ways to unload some of that extra baggage. We’re certainly not ones to shame …

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Stages In a Relationship

  As identified by Dr Susan in her study of hundreds of couples there are Five Predictable Stages in a relationship Romance Power Struggle Stability Commitment Bliss Romance stage: The first stage is called the Romance stage. When we fall in love, we fall in love with the single most …

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Some Tips to Have a Strong Relationship


There may come a point in one’s relationship where you hit a bump in the road. To maintain a strong chemistry with one another, here are some tips on how to have a strong relationship. Physical contact: Intimacy plays an important role in a relationship. Putting your guard down and …

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