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Jun ji-hyun

jun ji-hyonbeautiful picture

Although Jun ji-hyun is a Korean name, She is also famous for her English name which is Gianna Jun. Jun is a very popular South Korean actress. Mostly Jun is known for her films, but that doesn’t mean that she has not performed in TV series. Notable films include My …

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100 Facts about sports and sports celebs

100 facts about sports men

Here are 100 facts about sports and sports celebs, these have been collected with care for you. Enjoy them and don’t forget to leave your feedback. 1. Jordan Spieth won $61,867 less at The Masters than Arnold Palmer won in his entire career 2. Wilt Chamberlain didn’t win MVP the …

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7 ways to get a life

Despite all necessities of life, we always look for happiness in our lives because we want to get rid of overwhelming pains and bleeding worn of our past. Letting grieves go and grabbing happiness is the basic rule of living a life. Let’s discuss a few ways to get a …

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How to Make Selfies With Dorian Rossini

Born on December 13, 1990; Durian Rossini is one of the trending figures nowadays. People are searching for meeting him or taking selfies with him. He is famous for his dance and music and has also released 2 albums, One of his famous videos has some controversy in which he …

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“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Throughout the years, the different songwriter has written songs over happiness. In 2013, Pharrell Williams released this song “Happy” which eventually got the best Grammy award for the pop solo song. This song was recorded as the original soundtrack of “Despicable Me 2” series. The genre of music is pop …

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