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Happy Friday

We mostly witness people saying happy Friday to others on the day of Friday. Different people do it for different reasons. Muslims offer a special prayer on this occasion, that’s why it is the happy day for them. Similarly many discount offers are launched on Friday so people who are …

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7 ways to get a life

Despite all necessities of life, we always look for happiness in our lives because we want to get rid of overwhelming pains and bleeding worn of our past. Letting grieves go and grabbing happiness is the basic rule of living a life. Let’s discuss a few ways to get a …

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Top 5 Books on Happiness


When we were kids, for us, the definition of happiness was playing games, having the newest toys etc. We worried less about life and enjoyed doing little things but then we all grew up and found out that life is way more harsh than we thought it would be. It’s …

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What is Happiness

happiness smilies

What is Happiness? For decades and decades, people have been trying to point out what happiness actually is. Philosophers have tried to dig deeper into the phenomenon. About why two people behave differently in different situations. Why some people are happier than others. What are the paradigms that make people …

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How can I be happy

Happiness is hidden nowhere except your thoughts. You get the reflection of what you think, either positive or negative. There is no such hard and fast rule to follow for happiness. It is simply becoming a part of your life whenever you want. Happiness always follows your thoughts. It leads …

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How to be positive at work


So you think, “My job sucks!” “The CEO is just a piece of S***” You may be finding ways to get out of that environment, searching all about dealing with people of negative attitude, but just wait and think for a moment why you have to deal with all those …

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How to start living to the fullest

Book Summary

Have you ever imagined a person living a life to the fullest yet he claims to be perfect in every chore he does? No certainly not. I haven’t listened about any such person. So, you don’t need to be perfect to relish the moment. You need money to live to the …

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