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Best Way to Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss I can tell you from my experience there are no shortcuts they are people who will claim on internet loose 20 lb weight in 2 weeks don’t follow these articles you will end up in big disappointment.

Have you ever seen a guy with the perfect body who don’t go to gym and park? I bet you will not see a guy
I will help you with

1. Most important thing is to measure your weight at the start of the month before you do anything.
2. Don’t’ measure your weight every day it is better to measure after 3 months this way you feel more
3. Use BMI METER to calculate your body calorie requirement.

Information about diet
Diet statistics

How to Lose Weight Naturally (Adda, 2017)


[Morning Diet Plan]

1. Start your day with a cup of Black Coffee it will help boost your metabolism it will burn fat and activate freshness in you it is mandatory to drink one cup each day.

2. Eat Bran bread with 0% fat in morning it contains wheat help you in weight loss efforts.

3. 4 Egg white


Summary: (4slice bran bread, 4 egg white without the yolk, 1 cup of Black Coffee)

You can add boil chicken and vegetable count the calories by searching your body needs. One thing more avoid sugar as much as you can



[Lunch Diet Plan]

1. During lunchtime, you can eat 4 Slices of brand bread with boil chicken and you can cook the food in “Olive Oil “it contains less cholesterol.

2. Eat 2 Apple during daytime it will provide you energy and glucose need of your body.

3. You can eat fish instead of chicken as well but don’t use mutton or Beef even it is boiled beef is excellent for muscle gain.


Summary: (4-6 Slices of brand bread, Half-quarter boil chicken, 2 Apple)


[Night Diet Plan]

1. You can eat vegetable or chicken for the dinner it depends upon your choice at night you can eat 4 slices of brand bread.

2. You can eat fat-free Mozilla cheese for muscle growth it is enriched in protein.



Best Exercise for Weight loss

  •  25-30 minutes of running in the park “Don’t walk” you will not burn calories running will enhance your weight loss efforts.
  •  Go to the gym and spend 1.20 minutes on exercise which breaks down into [30 minutes body workout and 60 minutes abs workout daily]



Why go to the gym?

The gym has mounting importance the way your body looks if you want a perfect tone body you will not get it with dieting and running in order for that you have to go to the gym if you

look at big actors they all go to the gym every day.
Loose skin will look awful on your body it will impact your confidence from the picture below you can see the difference in appearance on the right the body looks in perfect tone.

Perfect body vs imperfect body
Lose skin comparison

“What to Expect”

  • Discipline is the key if you follow the routine you will lose 15-25 weight in 3-4 months’ time.
  • It only takes 15 days to adjust yourself to the above when you get used to it you would love it.
  • There is no harm on side effects of this way getting slimmer. It is sustainable for long-term future of your health.



Losing weight is a choice it is not something in the air you can’t control. It is the choice you make each day by choosing your options the way you want to feel and look about yourself in order to lose weight it is the combination of both healthy diet and good exercise each day. It will take some days when you are able to see the result you have to show patience sometimes it is better to keep your head down and hard work.


[Bonus Tips]

  •  Don’t use fat burner it is fatal in long term.
  •  Food supplement will impact your stomach and heart.
  •  You can use way proteins if you really want to use artificial proteins.



Adda. (2017, June). 30 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally (Backed by Science). Retrieved from Healthline: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/30-ways-to-lose-weight-naturally

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