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Benefits of Spinach

benefits of spinach
benefits of spinach, by generalways.com

Spinach is also known as  “Pachchali Koora” or “Palakura” in Telugu. Spinach is a plant that is suitable for eating in the family native to western and Central Asia. Its leaves are used as a vegetable and are eaten cooked. Spinach is thought to be originated in Asian Persian. It first appeared in France and England in the 14th century and gained rapid fame because of its appearance in the early spring when other vegetables were inadequate and dietary limitations discouraged utilization of other plants.

Spinach may continue to exist in winter over temperate regions. Its leaves are simple, triangular and very uneven in size from about 1-15cm broad and 2-30cm long with smaller leaves higher on the flowering stem and larger leaves at the base. They have flowers which are ordinary, yellow-green coloured and are 3–4 mm in diameter. It is a rich source of iron and calcium and is used in salads and soups. It maintains proper brain functioning, especially in old age. Its consumption makes you physically strong and active which enables you to think intelligently.


Health benefits of spinach


Anti-cancer and Prevents asthma

Spinach is a nutrient-rich plant which has many health benefits including asthma protection and cancer.  It is a food loaded with tons of nutrients in low calories. It has a rich phytonutrient content and potent anti-cancer properties that has been found to be effective in skin cancer and cell division in the human stomach. It is also proven to be effective in protection against the aggressive prostate cancer.


Good for skin, bone and hair growth

Green leafy vegetables are good for skin likewise spinach is no exception. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Folate, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C which is a good source in skin care. It maintains bone health and lowers the over-activation of Osteoclasts which aid in breaking down the bone structure in a short period of time. Production of vitamin K helps in the synthesis of Osteocalcin which is a protein essential for maintaining the strength and density of the bones. It is a good alternative to dairy products and is a proper substitute for calcium which prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis.


Weight loss


Spinach leaves are used for weight reduction as they are low in calories and fats. It has a good quality of fat-soluble dietary fibres which help in digestion and prevents constipation it maintains low blood sugar level, curbs overeating and is very nutritious. It is recommended to dieters because it is important to avoid repetitive eating and hunger.


Promotes eye health


Spinach contains antioxidants which protect the eye from age-related macular degeneration and contaracts. It contains important Carotenoids which are absorbed in the eyes and provides light filtering functions. It also contains vitamin A which is a major component of visual cycle and for maintaining healthy mucus membranes which is essential for normal eyesight.


Lowers hypertension


Hypertension means high blood pressure and it is responsible for causing kidney disease, stroke and heart diseases. spinach is beneficial in lowering hypertension because its constituents help to reduce anxiety and stress. They play an important role in keeping the balance of sodium and potassium by lowering them in your body.  Vitamin C is also important for lowering hypertension. Spinach keeps the body relaxed and stress-free which helps you to better at night

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