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Areeba Ishtiaq is a a writer at generalways.com, Her niche is Medical writing.

Benefits of Strawberry

strawberry image generalways

Strawberry Strawberries have a common scientific name of Fragaria that have a different suffix for different varieties and are widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, sweetness, bright red color and juicy texture. Strawberry flavorings are widely used in many products like candies, hand sanitizers, lip gloss, perfumes and many other …

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Benefits of Spinach

benefits of spinach

Spinach is also known as  “Pachchali Koora” or “Palakura” in Telugu. Spinach is a plant that is suitable for eating in the family native to western and Central Asia. Its leaves are used as a vegetable and are eaten cooked. Spinach is thought to be originated in Asian Persian. It …

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Reasons For Hair Loss and its Remedies

hairloss and remedies

Reasons for hair loss Although hair loss may seem like a more well-known problem in men but women are nearly as likely to lose or have thin hair. Most women notice it in their 50s or 60s but it can happen at any age and because of a variety of …

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