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A Man’s First Love

A Man never gets satisfied with his condition he is always in search of more how he can do the things in the perfect manner where he generally destroys the phenomena where man is created imperfectly by the god and bring life into him when he has given the opportunity to be in the world he was naked. The point of the discussion which I want to highlight here is no one is perfect in the world it is better to embrace yourself in love rather than trying a way to make the relationship better it will only pile more misery to the problem.

a man in first love
a man in first love

Man in First Love

Man in first love often lives in delusion he likes to spend his days fanaticizing about the person. He tries to fit another person into every situation there is not even a day pass when he did not think about that person. He takes things very seriously as if its life depends upon these things. In his mind, he thinks that he has found the perfect person for himself he can stay with them forever she is never going to hurt him ever. There is ample amount of expectation person have with another person he easily get offended by people who criticize his passion for her. He ignores his relatives, friends whom he has been connected with them for so many years he does not like to spend proper time with them.

The Problem in First Love

Biggest hurdle man came under the influence is I’m going to take control of the situation I want to keep things in order it’s not a game you have to accept some days are not meant for you.

Don’t be creepy if another person is ignoring that not because you have done something terrible he or she might be busy with some work some time people prefer to spend time in solitude.

Overthinking is one of the biggest concerns for a lot of people clarity of mind is essential in almost anything.

Great expectation usually ends up in big disappointment it is total Immaturity to expect big things in a relationship.

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