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7 Deadly Sins That Will Impact Your Success

7 Deadly Sins That Will Impact Your Success

People often commit when they goes through life some of them are not harmful some are when it becomes the part of personality it will halt their progress without making them notice about the situation. On the basis of research I came up with seven deadly sins that will impact your growth in future.


Success contains uncountable factors which are affecting but some are so obvious to notice and hard to work on them because there are so deep it is hard to get out of it some of them are as followings.


1.Trying to Prove Yourself Right all the Time

How many times you have seen people when they talk they share there pervious stories when they were right and desperately trying hard to get into situation to prove their point again.

Problem with these individuals are they care so much about other people they want people to appreciate them.

Any body can be wrong on anything it is optimistic to approach with the mindset you don’t know anything in life you are here to learn new things in life.


2.Take criticism personally

When you are sells men you are selling something to stranger he rejects your approach it did not mean that he reject your product not you. Most of the successful sales man focus on solving the problems of the consumer.



Humans are not stronger then other species what separate’s them is innovative thinking and problem solving abilities. It is wise to stay humble with others the character of the person is judged through how he behaves with the people who are lesser than him.


4. Anger

It is easy to lose your emotions when something went wrong people who get offended about small thing in life are like raving lunatic. Try to remember one thing when you get angry what is the thing that is causing your mood to take control over your body. Next time when you get angry at someone try to act calmly with ferrous attitude.



Loyalty is the precious thing you can not expect loyality from everyone people who are strong tends to be loyal with others

If you make the commitment with another person try to complete with complete honesty and integration it will build your reputation earn you real friends.



Successful people don’t criticize others they focus their energy on self improvement and nurturing themselves while unsuccessful people are always critical about themselves.


7.Don’t commit yourself in meaningless conversation

If you don’t have positive thing to add to the conversation it is better to stay quiet.



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